What We Do

Amazon Store Front
  • Compelling Content Creation
  • Immersive Design and Customised Layout
  • Appealing Imagery and Rich text placements
  • Comprehensive internal and external traffic Storefront Insights

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How We Do

Custom Store Design and Layout

Immersive and user-friendly template design and 3-layered layout
Customization of layout - visually appealing, information rich and full of imagery
Display and breakdown of your catalog based on the product categories, subcategories
Highlight the popular, new arrival, best selling products and also recommended products based on Buyer’s search history

Compelling Content Creation

Comprehensive Creative Briefing about your products
Leverage and highlight the benefits and unique features of your products
Optimized text placements and creation of attractive headlines and taglines
Accurate display of your brand’s unique attributes, company culture, competitive consideration and product catalog

Layout Submission and Outside Traffic Generation

Execute, manage and follow-up on brand store submission process
Internal traffic generation opportunities to the Amazon Storefront
External traffic generation opportunities through social media platforms, emails
Insights and Analysis of the overall organic and off Amazon traffic

Our Amazon Talents

We are humans with amazonic brains who can shape and
activate your Amazon Business with insight, vision and execution

Creative Team

A dedicated StrateGenie will be assigned to handle A+ content of your branded product and identify premium features, brand story

Content Planning and Strategy

Create and curate the content and help you decide on the layout and theme suitable for your brand

Compelling Design

Create a design that not only speaks about your brand but adds additional value to the brand while enticing your buyer to make an informed decision

Monitoring and Review

Not just create and submit, we monitor the results of placing A+ content in the product detail pages and commit ourselves to derive desirable results.

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Benefits of Amazon Storefront

  • Branded Amazon Storefront that displays only the products you want, in the order you want while providing valuable information to Amazon customers
  • Showcase your brands, products and value proposition on Amazon
  • Provides new opportunities to drive traffic (on and off Amazon) to a brand’s entire catalog
  • Opportunity to provide a curated collection of your brand’s products in a customized, brand-centric, shopping experience for online shoppers
  • Opportunity to reach online shoppers when they’re not on Amazon through off-Amazon (Facebook, Instagram & Google) traffic generation.
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