What We Do

Complete Review and Feedback Software Management

Amazon-feedback and review management
  • Email Copywriting
  • Follow-up Flow and Strategy
  • Negative Feedback Removal
  • Personalized Response Management
  • Answer the Buyer’s Questions

Good Product Reviews and Seller Feedback wins you more - Buyboxes | Sales | Trust

Let your visitors listen to your conversation with your buyers.

How We Do

Personalized Review and Feedback Management.

Deploy suitable SaaS tool

Create personalized email copy that connects to your buyers. Automate a designed follow-up flow that suits your Amazon business.

Personalized Response Management

Responding to buyers influences a new buyer to purchase your product and boosts trust that you are approachable. We respond to each and every buyer’s comments, reviews and feedback depending on his message.

Educate your buyer

A buyer has tons of questions about your product. Educating about your product helps the buyer in making an informed purchase and eventually reducing returns and negative seller feedback or product review.

Negative Feedback Removal

Getting negative feedback removed is one the most laborious, painstaking and utmost important tasks in Amazon Seller Central Account Management.
The potential risk of losing sales permanently, losing buy box privileges and maybe even getting your account suspended because of negative reviews and feedback requires diligent and timely management.
We handle every feedback and review case-by-case and engage in immediate actions by requesting Amazon to remove feedback that is eligible by Amazon guidelines or request the buyer by understanding his experience.

Review Boost Strategy

Reviews are one of the prime factors to boost sales velocity, own the buy box and even improve the account health. It is imperative to push your buyers for product reviews without breaking Amazon ToS and gain enough traction to build your sales trajectory.

Our Amazon Talents

We are humans with amazonic brains who can shape and
activate your Amazon Business with insight, vision and execution

Know-how of SaaS tools

Workaround with any feedback software tool to induct, plan and manage the follow-up and responsive emails to your buyers.

Review Boosting Strategists

Boosting up product reviews by reaching out to your buyers is a necessity. Install a strategy, work on it and derive the results is what we are good at.

Fully responsive Managers

We understand the intangible outcomes of increase in sales when a prospective buyer learns about your product with responsive answers and comments. Leave the laborious task for us while we build your product page into a lucrative amazon business.

Expert Email copywriters

Good email copywriting skills is important to reach out to buyers or request Amazon to remove any feedback or review that violates Amazon’s ToS.

Get reviews that will transform your Amazon business!

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Benefits of Seller Feedback and Product Reviews in Amazon

  • Power factor to win Buy Box
  • Act as valuable information for Market Research and Product Innovation
  • Intangible Sales Booster due to induced trust in a prospective buyer
  • Super-metric for your Account Health
  • Silent influencer of your brand and becomes a marketing voice for your product from your existing buyers
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