What We Do

  • Keyword Research
  • Organic listing rank tracking
  • Content Analysis and Review
  • Optimization Strategy and Execution

Outgrow your Competitors. Encapture Sales in your product niche.

Consistent Optimization Strategy tailored for your product listings.

How We Do

Kick-start with better converting product listings.

Thorough Product Research

Use of best-in-the-market tools and research methods to fetch the most converting, profitable and high volume keywords keeping in mind customer’s search terms to drive traffic.

Competitor Analysis in your Product Niche

Keeping an eye on what is the current trend in the market by in-depth analysis of your competitors and similar products to know what exactly buyers needs, likes and is searching for.

Enticing Product Content

We create and curate SEO friendly Product title, bullet points and description while also including detailed list of backend search terms or Meta tag keywords that enhance your product’s discoverability.

Optimization Strategy and Testing

Not just creation and submission of product listing, we install a customized optimization strategy that will be continually put for testing. Every listing can enhance it’s discoverability and ranking by consistent optimization.

Our Amazon Talents

We are humans with amazonic brains who can shape and
activate your Amazon Business with insight, vision and execution

Expert Copywriters

Exclusive Amazon Product copywriters with an uncompromising passion to get you real results.

Keyword Research

Persuasive product titles and elaborate product descriptions after extensive Keyword Research based on sifting from search-terms and volume, Amazon Keyword Report, Google Keyword Planner and many other tools.

Optimization Strategy and testing

Though a lot of tools help in Keyword Research, you have to deploy your own strategy to check what would maximize the performance of your product listings. Planning, strategizing, testing and reinvigorating your product listings can enhance your sales from 1.2x to 10x better.

Rigorous A9 algorithm Decoders

We always keep up-to-date on the ongoing trends in Amazon and align ourselves by understanding the shopper’s search behaviour in Amazon. This helps in producing the top class listing optimization techniques keeping us on par with the Amazon dynamics.

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Benefits of Optimized Listings

  • Better Product Discoverability - Improved Organic listing ranking
  • Indexing to keywords that has optimal competition and score you more sales and keep changing it based on the life stage of your seller account
  • Sales increase after listing optimization by 1.2x to 10x
  • Accentuate the buyer’s confidence by providing compelling information about the product.
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