What We Do

Rules based repricing
  • Custom Rules Creation for Repricing
  • Decision Automation with more Buy Box Percentage
  • Insights on Growth Opportunities
  • Continuous monitoring & price tracking

Maximize your - Sales | Profits | Buy Box Ownership - with custom repricing strategy.

How We Do

Data-driven Repricing Solutions

Pricing Analysis

Understand the pricing dynamics of the products
Deploy suitable SaaS tool
Identify the gaps for profit opportunities

Repricing Strategy

Strategy based on Sales and Business goals, inventory
Custom rules creation
Optimization and Profit Maximisation

Insights & Review

Weekly Report
Monthly review
Forward Strategy

Our Amazon Talents

We are humans with amazonic brains who can shape and
activate your Amazon Business with insight, vision and execution

Know-how of Amazon and several repricing tools

Amazon itself provides automatic and manual repricing options for sellers to compete against each other. Depending on your lifecycle stage and selling needs, our strategenie will assist and implement the right tools and strategy.

Constructing custom rules

Based on the strategy and tool being used, the strategenie will construct custom rules aiming to win you the buybox or aggressive or defensive selling or any other custom solutions

Data Insights for growth opportunities

Not just managing repricing, the strategenie will provide for weekly and monthly insights and growth opportunities.

Make your sale extra profitable with proven repricing strategies.

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Benefits of Repricing in Amazon

  • Win more Buy Box and make more sales
  • Allows you to effectively build your sales and inventory goals.
  • Efficient way to manage maximum profits while hitting the Buy Box ownership potential.
  • Minimise the margin of error
  • Set maximum and minimum price marking a predetermined range to avoid any mishaps.
  • Develop pricing conditions for different scenarios enabling effective competition based sales.
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